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The gaming community was waiting keenly for the expansion of the dragon plot World of Warcraft. The ninth version, called World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will happen on a mystical Dragon islet. Unlike recent versions, this title promises unlimited opportunity to explore the terrain, complete assignments, and voyage on the deserted island inhabited by dragons. With new quests, dungeons, and incursions, four new gaming levels have been introduced. Chronologically you can explore these stages; the lush, the lave-crammed Waking Shore, and the wild Ohn`ahran plain. In the brand new fifth zone: Dracthyr, where draconic beings can transform into humans from the dragon and vice versa.

Enhance gaming experience 

Many gamers want mods to enhance the gaming experience. Voice upgrade is one such quest. The voice makeover fuses a new breath of verve into the chosen character, whether it belongs to Alliance or Horde division. But the gaming community is not aware of such software that imitates the voice of another, which sounds identical. Voice AI is the pioneer software that transforms your voice on a real-time basis to a renowned character you selected. In wow voice changeryou will find nineteen preset avatars to select from.

 The process 

To use voice AI, log on to World of Warcraft, open the system from the game menu, then click on the voice chat, then select the at the microphone device. World of Warcraft automatically synchronizes to the chosen hardware. Virtual audio cable is a software stand on WDM multimedia that allows a user to transfer a live audio stream from one application to another. Voice AI voice changers use this technology to imitate the voice of another. The technology replicates voices from any media to make the game more engaging. The software identifies every aspect of chosen voice to recreate the same tone, pitch, and throw of the voice.

 PVP game 

Playing solo with a strong character is immersive, but the real fun comes in playing the PVP (Player vs. Player) game. Every squad uses inbuilt chat or voice chat to create harmony within the team. But choosing from a spectrum of character voices adds a zing when you tease the opponents or troll other teammates. The AI technology enables to creation identical voice of the selected character, and the quality of the voice is outstanding. Technology and AI have changed the gaming experience like never before. The produced voice does not hear robotic identical to the original. It covers all nuances and emotions of the chosen character.


AI voice changer works on a real-time basis for the World of Warcraft. It is devoid of a robotic effect and does not alter the speed or pitch of the original voice. The software changes your voice to that of the selected character. The multilingual feature of the app is another amazing feature, you can speak in your native language, and the software captures and speaks in the identical language but in the voice of the character. Text to speech is an integral part of the software. Instead of speaking, you can type a sentence, and the character pronounces the same in his/her voice.